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Behind the Scenes

In this hectic and fast fashion world, we sometimes want to slow down,
to go back to basics, to go back to slow fashion.

Hi, my name is Gala Darin and "Galalabel" is my One Woman Operation.
I have been a fashion designer for more than 20 years, graduating with honors from "Shenkar",  the world-renowned Israeli College of Design.

Gala Berner Fashion designer
Gala Darin fashion designer
Galalabel is a handmade sustainable fashion brand by Gala Berner

Everything you will find here in my shop is handmade by me.

And what does "Handmade" mean? it's everything you can imagine, I design, I print, I cut, I sew, package, and deliver.

Each shirt is made upon request, each dress is printed solely for the girl who just bought it.

It is haute couture meats casual and handmade looking like a ready-to-wear collection.

I love getting my hands dirty with paint. I love the smell of laundry when I wash the items that were ordered.

I love the thought every garment I send worldwide is made by me and gonna make someone happy.

And every item in my shop is being made with love & care.

גלה דרין מעצבת אופנה
Gala galalabel גלה Gala Darin

The biggest compliment I can get from a customer is that she wash & wear and wash & wear an item she bought. For me as a designer and maker, this is my dream and my goal.

Galalabel sustainable fashion studio
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