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Here's Some Wonderful Words You Wrote

Galalabel Heather grey t-shirt with black print

"First time i wore this dress was to a birthday get together for a friend, a little concerned it might be under-dressing. But I wore it with fun denim-look high sandals with a frayed edge over sparkly strap, and not only did it look great but quite a few of the girls were asking where I got the dress. Hope they followed up and ordered some things from this label as it really deserves the support, it is rare to find garments that are different, beautifully detailed with nice quality fabric yet still affordable. This little dress is flattering and so easy to wear!"

"As always I love your tees! Soft, durable and smart looking. The new cape/jacket is a fabulous addition to your line. Looking forward to your next group of shirts."

"Beautiful, even nicer in reality than in the picture. Wonderful fabric, comfortable fit, unique and durable. A big plus that it arrives pre-washed, smelling so nicely!"

Gala powder pink sweatshirt
Gala blue printed t-shirt
Galalabel heather grey throw on sweatshirt

"I LOVE the vest!!!!

it is perfect for New York Fall weather!!

The details are fun and unique!

I can't wait to wear!"

"Like everything else i've bought from this label, this white T-shirt looks great and feels amazing. I love everything about it, the fit, the look, the feel, but most of all it is unique."

Gala blue t-shirt with a flower print
Galalabel black and white stripes t-shirt

"I have to say I don't like stripes usually but my 10 year old daughter choose this one for me, and then I've loved it so much that I bought the one with long sleeves and the dress as well!"

"The thing I like about Gala's designs is the subtleties - you often see shirts with stripes or with fades but not often both. It makes it a unique piece that still doesn't stick out more than I want it to. The fit is perfect as well"

Gala Black and white stripes long sleeves t-shirt

"Love T-Shirts. They are comfortable, wash great and wear well."

"This dress is the perfect length, shape, and cut to flatter my curvy figure, even 3 months postpartum!

The dress is well-made, and I love the extra details like the stamped circles on the back! Gala definitely put a lot of care into the making of this dress. I feel to happy every time I wear it!"

Gala black printed t-shirt
Galalabel awesome cotton t-shirt

"Hi, I got this top and plan to wear it to my bachelorettes party ;) It's fabric is perfect for these hot days and it's pattern is very unique. I love it!!"

"So delicate, soft and comfortable, yet different from a regular plain shirt."

"Your shirts are so soft, great fit and I love it!"

Galalabel black awesome t-shirt

"These shirts were made to flatter just about everyone. I love how unique they are but also works well in even just a casual environment."

"I another great dress from Galalabel, this time in a beautiful blue with purple accent. Machine wash and tumble dry - no shrinkage. A perfect summer dress!"

"This t-shirt made me so happy. It's flattering and beautiful. Like anything from this store, a treat and a gift to myself each time a buy. Handmade, attention to every detail. It makes me happy to have clothes that are made ethically, in a woman-owned small business."

Galalabel is a handmade sustainable eco-friendly fashion brand
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