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The importance of sustainable eco-fashion and what is it exactly

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

So let's talk about sustainable eco-fashion, what is it exactly?

Sustainable eco-fashion minimizes the impact of fashion on the environment.

100% natural sustainable eco-fashion label

The manufacturing process can be made more sustainable by using sustainable materials and by reducing waste production.

Substantial eco-fashion all natural clothes by Galalabel

Part of the substantial eco-fashion better-producing process is the Zero waste aspect. Zero waste principle means:

1. Manufacturers focus on cutting fabric to the maximum length & width so zero fabric will be wasted.

2. Manufacturers producing fewer garments instead of mass-production (mass-production leaves a big percentage of garments unused and eventually berried in the ground.

(As a handmade sustainable eco-fashion designer, I practice this principle in every item I make)

The benefits of shopping sustainably range from preventing pollution to living healthier lives. In general, products that are good for the planet are also good for us. Sustainable garments will be worn for longer, are of higher quality, and cause less damage to the environment.

Eco environment fashion  by galalabel

Substantial eco-fashion is focused also on Ethical labor practices. This means that they ensure that their workers are paid a fair wage and that they work in safe and healthy conditions.

(By being a Handmade sustainable eco-fashion designer I have wonderful conditions)

This is just a small list of fashion brands that chose the sustainable eco-way:

Thank you for your interest in sustainable eco-fashion. I hope it was an enjoyable read.



Olive eco-fashion cotton T-shirt with birds print

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